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Want to dive deep into music making? Our app gives you access to our vast library of sound packs and beatmaker instrument. Share your creations on socials & tag us with #madewithsplash!

Splash Pro

Imagine a new way to create music with Splash Pro. Provide a prompt to the bot, or choose from an existing one, and collaborate with the AI to create a royalty-free track to your exact specifications.

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Beyond royalty free.

Simply — the music you create with Splash Pro is yours to use however, wherever, whenever you want.


We have some of the world’s most prominent investors who share in our vision.


Splash is creating the world's best AI Music platform.

We have developed an AI that can sing, rap, play instruments, and compose and produce original music.

We are using this technology to make music creation more accessible than ever before.


We have been developing our own proprietary technology and high quality audio datasets since 2017.

Our AI research and capabilities include Text-to-Singing, Text-to-Rap, Generative Text-to-Music, Composition, Melody, Voice Transfer, Lyrics and Mastering. 

All our models are trained using data collected and owned by Splash as well as data freely available under Creative Commons license. 

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