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Get 20% commission on every paying subscriber you bring in, each month, for the first 6 months
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About Splash Pro
Splash Pro allows you to create music, instantly. Generate royalty-free music and vocals for your next project.
How do commission payouts work?

When you sign up to our Affiliate Program, we'll automatically create a unique link for you. You can edit this link however you like, but it will look something like this: "".

Whenever someone signs up to Splash Pro as a paying subscriber with your unique link, you will get 20% of their monthly subscription fee for 6 months!! Please note that in Month #1, your commission will be less than usual because your referral will get 50% off their first month with Splash Pro by signing up via your link.

You’ll be able to track signups via your link, your commission and your payouts via your Affiliate page.

How do I claim my money?

When you sign up to our Affiliate Program you’ll be asked to nominate a Paypal account. As you earn commission off the referrals you send to Splash Pro, our system will pay out your rewards to your nominated Paypal account at the end of each month.

Please note that a minimum payment threshold of $5 applies. Once you earn $5 or more, your earnings will automatically be paid into your nominated Paypal account. Payments will be made at the end of every month, however it may take 2-5 days for the bank to process the transaction.

How many people can I refer?

Great news - as many as you want! We want to get our music platform into the hands of as many people as possible, so if you have a tonne of friends or a large community you’d like to promote Splash to - go right ahead! We’ll get the creatives and you’ll get the commission!

Do subscribers get anything for signing up via my link?

Yes! They’ll get 50% off our monthly plans for the first month with Splash Pro. It’s a great way to try out a cool new AI product for half the price! This also means that in Month #1, your commission will be less than usual because the referral will only be paying 50% of their subscription fee.

What if a referral downgrades within 6 months?

Commissions are based on the referral's subscription tier. This means that if they downgrade, your commission will reduce to the downgraded tier. If they downgrade to our free tier, you will not receive further commissions for that subscriber. However, the same is true if they upgrade! So if a user that comes in via your link upgrades to a higher subscription tier, your commission will increase.

Have more questions?

We’re always happy to help our growing community of Affiliates! Email us on with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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