Bringing the joy of music making to everyone.

Artificial Intelligence

Splash has developed an AI that opens up new ways for music to be made and enjoyed. Our AI allows anyone to compose original music and sing lyrics to any melody.


Splash is the world's best virtual music festival. This never ending festival brings music and gameplay together in fun new ways. Everyone can feel like a star by using our AI instrument to perform music on stage and interact with live audiences. Splash is available to play on Roblox and will be launching soon on Steam.


Splash App on iOS and Android enables anyone to make and share music on the go. With access to the Splash Beatmaker and vast library of sound packs, making amazing music has never been so easy!
iPhone 13 mockup
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Splash Web brings together a growing community of talented musicians using our easy, intuitive Beatmaker to create and share amazing music. Players can create their own musician profiles, customise, download and share their tracks, and discover great new artists!


Kai is the face of what comes next in music. A 16 year old who never ages, she is known as the creator of Splash and is currently working on an EP using 100% AI vocals.