August 21, 2023

How to get the most out of Splash Pro

We’re working on some killer updates that will give our users even more control over the music they make with Splash Pro. But in the meantime, there’s still so much you can do with Splash Pro!

We are strong believers that great products are never ‘done’ - they continue to improve over time with new features that align with what users want. We’re working on some killer updates that will give our users more control over the music they make with Splash Pro.

In the meantime though, there’s still so much you can do with Splash Pro!

Tips for improving your Splash Pro prompts and vocals!

  • Use the "Improve" button to get a better prompt: This button is a nifty way to get more out of your prompt without trying too hard. We will re-write your prompt to increase your changes of getting a more diverse range of samples.
  • Use artist names in the prompt: Our AI is trained on music created 100% in-house, and that does not infringe on any artists’ copyright. You can read more about that here. However, we have the ability to match artist references to our library of samples. So if you include an artist name in your prompt, it is more likely to give you a result that sounds similar to that artist.
  • Specify a target BPM in your prompt: Use the BPM command to narrow down your results. To learn more about this feature, scroll down!
  • Add video / audio references in your prompt: You can pass a YouTube link or a link to audio if you want Splash Pro to generate something that sounds similar to your reference.
  • Experiment with song arrangements: You can experiment with up to 3 different song arrangement-types (with more coming soon!). To learn more about this feature, keep scrolling!
  • Vocals - Play around with lyrics and word spellings: Changing your lyrics by adding or removing words enables a better result from your AI vocalist. If the vocalist you’ve chosen is having trouble with a certain phrase, try split it into phonetic subwords.
  • Vocals - Use blank lines: A blank line will give you a bar of silence when generating vocals, ie if you want more of an intro at the start or if you want a break between verses.
  • Vocals - Add more than 1 vocalist: You can now create a song with multiple speakers. Click the Add Lyrics button to add a 2nd singer/rapper to the song
  • Keep trying!!: If you don’t find an exact match, keep trying! We are constantly improving the breadth and diversity of our samples and AI functionality. If you still can't get what you want, please get in touch via the Support chatbot on Splash Pro. We are quick to act on user feedback, and might be able to incorporate your request into a future release.

How to use the BPM parameter in your prompt

You can set your desired BPM value or range directly from the prompt box. Here's how it works:

First, select the + BPM button within the prompt window. With the BPM option enabled you can enter a value to refine your sample results.

  • Estimated BPM: If you have an estimated BPM in mind, simply type the number. For example, typing 120 will generate music with a BPM of 110-130.
  • Exact BPM: If you have a specific BPM in mind, add a ! after the number. For instance, typing 120! will generate music with a BPM of 120.
  • BPM Range: To set a range for the BPM, enter two numbers separated by a colon. For example, typing 100:120 will result in music with a BPM between 100 and 120.
  • Maximum BPM: If you want the music to be no faster than a certain BPM, type a colon followed by the maximum BPM value. For instance, entering :100 will ensure that the generated music has a BPM of 100 or lower.
  • Minimum BPM: To ensure the music isn't slower than a specific BPM, type the minimum BPM followed by a colon. For example, entering 80: will generate music with a BPM of 80 or higher.
Examples for Different Genres

Here are some example BPM values that work well with popular music genres:

  • Dubstep: For dubstep music, a BPM range of 140 to 160 is often used. Try entering 140:160 to narrow down the results.
  • Lofi: Lofi music's relaxed vibe is often achieved with a BPM range of 70 to 90. You can set the range as 70:90 to create the perfect lofi tempo.
  • Calm music: To create calming music, a slower tempo is key. Enter :60" to achieve the desired effect.
  • EDM (Electronic Dance Music): EDM tracks usually thrive in the range of 120 to 140 BPM. Typing 120:140 will generate music that's perfect for dancing and lively atmospheres.

Remember, these are just suggestions to get you started. Feel free to experiment with different BPM values to find the perfect tempo that resonates with you and your mood!!

Song Arrangements

What are song arrangements?

Song arrangements are different ways to structure your song.

  • Standard: The Standard arrangement option will create a song with a few different sections and energy levels to keep the listener engaged throughout. This option offers the most variety and follows a familiar song progression for the genre, typically featuring a beginning, build up and end.
  • Minimalist: This arrangement follows a similar structure and progression to the Standard one, but with simpler, sparser instrumentation. It’s not as high-energy and may be more suitable for situations where the music needs to be more subtle or to be mixed with voice overs or other sounds.
  • Looping: This option creates a track based around a single looping section of a song. While it incorporates some variations, this arrangement has very little progression and uses more repetition in order to create a stable, consistent track.
Where can I find the song arrangement dropdown on Splash Pro?

This dropdown can be found when you select a sample from the options provided by Splash Pro in response your prompt. Selecting a sample you like will give you a ~15-30 second extended track that you can start tweaking by lengthening, adding lyrics and/or changing the arrangement. The button will show the word "Standard" as that's the default option. Clicking it will reveal the other options.

Why don’t I see all three song arrangements options for every song I create?

Some generated songs do not support all three templates, so you will only see the ones that are possible for the song you created. This isn’t a bug!

Will there be more song arrangements added in future?

Yes! This is in our roadmap, so keep an eye out!


Splash Pro is still in its infancy and we’ve got a lot of amazing updates in store. We will update this post or write more posts as new features get released. Stay tuned!