January 15, 2024

How To Create & Share Songs Using Your Voice with Splash Music on Alexa!

Introducing ‘Splash Music’ on Alexa – a new Alexa Skill that integrates Splash’s AI music technology, allowing you to craft and share original songs on your Alexa-enabled device - and it’s free!

Hey, Alexa users! Did you know that you can use the "Splash Music" skill on your Alexa-enabled device to make songs about almost anything with AI? Don't worry if you're new to music-making; it’s super easy and incredibly fun - in fact, you can do it using just voice commands 🙂 Oh, and it’s 100% free!

How to Create and Share a Song with Splash Music on Alexa

Want to make music with your Alexa-enabled device? Here’s how:

  1. Enable "Splash Music" on your Alexa-enabled device - use this link.
  2. Say, “Alexa, open Splash Music.”
  3. Describe the genre or mood of your song, or pick from suggested genres on screened devices.
  4. Get creative! Customize your song by adding vocals on a wide range of topics, switch between singing and rapping, try different vocalists, change up the genre, and on Echo Show devices, even change the song name and cover art.
  5. Once you’re happy with your creation, you can play the full version.
  6. Finally, ask Alexa to send a link to your song to your phone so you can share your creation with family & friends! Just say, “Alexa, send a link to my phone.”

Congratulations — you've now created your very own original song!

Inspiration for Your Next Hit

Thinking of what to create next with Splash Music? Let's kick off with some special occasions: crafting a tune for a friend's birthday, creating a melody about a holiday spent with your family, or composing an energizing beat to help you and your friends train for a marathon. Moments like these offer a canvas for your musical creativity and personal expression.

Here are some song prompts ideas to help you craft the perfect tune:

  • For a Special Birthday: Choose a lively Pop and Funk fusion. This combination is ideal for a fun, upbeat celebration. Add in lyrics about laughter or living life to its fullest to bring a personal and joyous touch to your birthday song.
  • A Holiday with Family: Create a warm, upbeat tune, blending Acoustic and Soul. Holidays are chock full of feel-good memories and fun times where you can evoke those feelings with lyrics about your favorite holiday activities.
  • Motivation for a Marathon: Go for a High-Energy Dance and Motivational Rock combination. This genre mix brings both adrenaline and inspiration, perfect for a training soundtrack. You can add lyrics about getting closer to the finish line and staying determined to help you and your friends rise to the challenge ahead.

We hope these suggestions ignite your imagination and give you an idea of all the amazing moments in your life that you can enhance with music and share with the people around you.

Share Your Creations

We're excited to hear what you create! Follow us on @SplashMusicCo across all socials, tag us, and use the hashtags #MadeWithSplash and #SplashMusicOnAlexa.

Most importantly - Have Fun!

At Splash, our mission is to bring the joy and magic of music-making to everyone. We're thrilled to collaborate with Amazon to make our mission a reality.