August 21, 2023

How To Next-Level Your Midjourney Zoom

Midjourney Zooms are all over the internet and we wanted in on the action! Learn how create your own Midjourney Zoom AI tools for easy editing and adding in a gorgeous soundtrack.

AI + Art = 🔥

Ever since Midjourney dropped its incredible generative tool into our proverbial laps, AI has - and continues to - disrupt the creative space. We’re seeing tools like RunwayML make strides in generative video, make copywriting much less painful and we - Splash - recently launched our ‘Midjourney for music’ tool, Splash Pro.

If you haven’t seen some of the insane Midjourney Zooms out there, go do a quick search right now. This feature adds depth and drama to images in a completely new way.

Our team had a go at creating our own Zooms and dropped in music generated with Splash Pro to add yet another layer of complexity and emotion… and the results are pretty rad. Every AI tool feels a little like magic, but when you use a bunch of them together, the results are even cooler!

Ever wanted to create one of these yourself? Here’s a step-by-step guide to show you how. Keep scrolling!

Midjourney Zoom Tutorial

The tools we used:

  • Midjourney - Their cheapest subscription tier gives you 200 generations a month for $8/month (billed yearly)
  • Splash Pro - Our Starter tier subscription is $10/month but you can get your first month off with this code: FirstMonthFREE
  • Capcut - Subscriptions cost $7.99/month but you can also use a limited version for free

How hard is it?

If you’ve used Midjourney before and are familiar with how video editing tools work, this should be a breeze! If you’re new to either Midjourney or Capcut, allow a little bit of time to familiarize yourself with the platforms. They are pretty user friendly. The video editing component may be a little tedious, but will get easier once you get the hang of it. We’re pretty confident that making music with Splash Pro will be the easiest part of this creative process 😉

Step-By-Step Guide:

STEP 1 | Create Still Images in Midjourney 
  • Launch Midjourney on Discord 
Splash team notes: If you are already a Midjourney user, that’s great! If you’re a newbie, don’t worry - they have fantastic step by step guides to get your started on Discord.
  • Make sure you are using Midjourney v5.2. (You can check this by typing “/settings”)
  • Type “/imagine”, followed by your prompt.
Splash team notes: When you’re thinking up a prompt of your own, really let your imagination run riot! For the masterpiece you watched above, we used the prompt: “frog wearing a little hat, sitting on a lilypad in the rain; painterly style glass jar with scene inside jar on wooden table in a cabin”.
  • Upscale your favorite image
  • Hit "Zoom Out 2x"
  • Keep your prompt the same OR if you’d like to play around with your Zoom you can change the subject of the image by selecting ‘Custom Zoom’ and typing in a new prompt
Splash team notes: For example, for Froggy we updated the prompt to “city landscape overgrown by plants daytime”, and on the next zoom we updated the prompt to be: “city landscape daytime”
  • Repeat the zoom out and upscale process as many times as you like
Splash team notes: We recommend at least 10 images to have a good length video in the next steps. The longer and/or faster you make the video the more images you will need!
  • Download alllll your images from Midjourney 
Splash team notes: We recommend opening your web account on and saving each image in its highest quality. Hot tip: Make sure to download your images in order from most zoomed out to closest and name them in sequence. This will help you upload them to CapCut in the right order later on.

STEP 2 | Create Your Music using Splash Pro

Let’s create the perfect sound for your set of images

Splash Team notes: If you are already a Splash Pro user, that’s ah-mazing! But if you’re new, head to and create a free account. (You can create a 15 second track for free which is all you’ll need for this experiment!). You can watch a quick tutorial on how to make a track here, or follow the steps below. If you’re loving it and want to try more features (like our AI vocals), use the code FirstMonthFREE to try it for a month!
  • Type a prompt that matches the energy of your images
Splash Team notes: We wanted to create an interesting, quirky sound to go with our frog zoom, so we went with the prompt “A futuristic electronic song, lots of reverb and synth”. Again your imagination is key. Try a bunch of different prompts and see what suits your video the best. 
  • Your text prompt will give you 4 generated samples to listen to. If you want to hear more examples, hit “More Samples”. If you’ve already found one you love, hit “Select”.
  • Your selected sample will be extended to ~15 seconds. Have a listen and if you like what you hear, hit “Download” and select the option “Song (mp3)”. 

STEP 3 | Make your Zoom Video

Now it's time to bring your stills to life! As we mentioned at the start of this blog, this part can be a little tedious for first time users - but don’t worry! Take your time, play around with the platform and you’ll be amazed at what you create.

Splash Team notes: Obviously, if you have other video software that you prefer, go ahead and use that, but we’ll proceed with steps on how to use Capcut. We tested it out after it went viral on Tiktok, and we think it’s a great platform for beginners. 
  • Start a ‘New Project’
  • Add your Midjourney stills from most zoomed out to closest. You can drag-and-drop or upload them.
  • Add a keyframe at the beginning and end of each image
Splash Team notes: The keyframe helps make the transitions of each zoom smoother. Without this you might notice a bit of a jolt between frames.
  • At the end of each image, pinch-zoom in until it matches the beginning of the next image
  • Import your Splash Pro song
Splash Team notes: you might need to crop the audio if your video is shorter than your song length. If you need longer audio, here’s that cheeky coupon again for a month free on our Starter plan: FirstMonthFREE
  • Aaaand you’re done! Sit back and appreciate what you’ve made with the power of creative AI tools.

We hope this was a fun and useful tutorial. If you love what you’ve created, please share it and tag us - we would love it see it. Tags below: 

IG: @SplashMusicCo | Twitter/X: @SplashMusicCo | YT: @SplashMusicCo | Hashtags: #madewithsplash #splashpro

Thanks for imagining music with us!